Ivy and Tanner : St Mark’s Place, Lunenburg NS

August 29, 2012

Ivy and Tanner came from Alberta for their wedding in Lunenburg so I had never met them before the wedding day, but they are the type of couple who makes you feel like a part of the family right away. As soon as I walked into the bridal suite where Ivy and her girls were getting ready, I felt like I was photographing a group of friends, not clients. They had a gorgeous wedding whose focus was on God and their marriage, not just on their wedding day. I loved everything they planned for the day- the amazing reception location, decor and the beautiful ceremony.

They have an amazing engagement story and I want to share part of it here, written by Ivy and Tanner themselves:

We had a really fun day filled with roses, skating, swimming, Remedy cafe (my favorite), West Ed Sea Caverns with fish, reptiles, and penguins, dressed up for a fondue dinner (which Tanner prepared!) and then made some hot chocolate in order to end the day off with a walk along Connor’s Hill. So we are walking towards a projector for about 5 minutes that was set up on the hill overlooking the downtown, and me being oblivious didn’t even notice until I was right in front of it, at which time I screamed and asked what he was doing! My friends and family all having a part to play in the video Tanner made. It made me cry, of course, because of all the work he put into it, how thoughtful it was, and hearing the voices of people I miss a lot. So after that how could I say no? He proposed with the box upside down, and I said without any hesitation YESSS!!!!!!!!

The post ahead is HUGE! Sorry for posting so¬† many images… I just could not choose any less!




Ivy, you are stunning!


Ivy and Tanner folded all sorts of origami cranes and strung them in the trees surrounding the ceremony








The flower girl was the cutest! We finished taking pictures with her and she ran right over to this rope swing


I want to be friends with all of you!




Lunenburg is so gorgeous! No wonder its a UNESCO World Heritage Site!





I do love looking across the harbour at all the brightly colored buildings that make up the Historic City




Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!



St Mark’s Place, just outside of Lunenburg is a beautiful new venue that is in a renovated church. They spent a long time building onto it, and making it an amazing venue. It has the best sound system and a great lighting system too.


Ivy and Tanner made all of the table numbers with lace themselves and brought the delicious chocolates from Alberta… yum!





Congratulations Ivy and Tanner! I wish for you a lifetime of happiness and love!

Ceremony Site: Arbor View Inn

Reception Venue: St Mark’s Place

Flowers: Sea Side Flowers

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Michelle Reuter: Wow stunning photos! Congratulations guys! Looks like an absolutely beautiful day! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!

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